Is it Okay to Paint Your Band Instrument: Basic Care Tips

You are now in a band and it is like a dream to be able to play on a stage. Most of the time, you are wondering that some great bands often paint their band instrument. You surely come up with the question whether it is okay to paint the band instrument. We asked some Orlando painters, but they didn’t know so we asked other people in bands and got better results. They told us that painting the band instrument can prevent it from getting stolen because of the differences. While it is quite okay to paint the music instrument; there is one more important point that you should consider carefully that is care tip.

Band instrument is the most important thing to keep the band alive. Improper care can lead to band instrument damages which are obviously not profitable for the band itself. Since you are going to use the band instrument for multiple gigs, tour, promotion, and so on; you need to take a good care of the instrument. Other than pain the band instrument to avoid being stolen, here are the basic care tips to make sure that the instruments are in good condition as always.

Good storage – if you are not using the band instrument, make sure to store it in the proper place. Make sure that the instrument is properly stored in the case with working zippers, locks, and such things. It is also important to understand the variation of temperature in your area to avoid storing the instrument in extreme temperature, high humidity, and direct sunlight. During winter, make sure to let the instruments warm up to the room temperature before start using it.

Never leave it unattended – band instruments are pricey, that is why you paint it to make it different and prevent from being stolen. However, the most important thing is not to leave the instruments among strangers. Not only the risk of being stolen, strangers will also not going to handle the instrument with extra care which makes it prone to damages, broken, and such thing.

Do not eat and drink – while playing the band instrument; make sure not to eat of drink any beverages except water. The food particles and sugar can make the instrument corrode and cause it wear. This also includes not chewing any gum especially when you are playing wind instrument such as flute, trumpet, saxophone, and so on.

Do not use metal polishes – keeping the instrument clean from finger prints and dust is also important. However, when you clean the instrument; make sure not to use any metal polish since it is abrasive. Metal polish will easily damage the band instrument. Instead of metal polish, you can use the special cloth which is specifically made for cleaning metal instrument. If you paint the instrument; make sure that you use specific cleaning which is safe for the paint.

Treat like a living thing – treating the band instrument like a living thing is important because it is a pricey thing and your future depends on it. Immediately contact the manufacturer for repairing service instead of doing it on your own. You surely do not want to take the risk for further damages of the band instrument.


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