How to Start a Heavy Metal Band

For once in a while, some of us dream of creating a band while we are young because it is always so cool to look at those band members playing on the stage. There are plenty genre of music such as pop, rock, rap, heavy metal, and so on. If heavy metal is your music; here are some easy steps on how to start a heavy metal band.

Decide the band’s objective and goals

First thing first, you need to decide what kind of goals you want to achieve. Jot down your goals as specific as possible such as in the next two years, I should play in X show or have tour concert and I also want to release at least one album. You need to know that people will have something to say for whatever you do; so, do not listen to them all. Keep the positive and constructing comment for the better future and screw the negative one. Instead of listening to what people say; focus on your goal that you have written down.

Think of the band’s philosophy

Fans want something fresh and new’ being loudest and most extreme does just not work anymore. You need to come up with a new philosophy to fill in the fans need. For example you can create a new theme with your original work instead of coming up with the common heavy metal band with guitar shredded. Remember, you are not the only one who tries to climb to the peak of popularity; there are thousands of them. Make sure that you come up with something unique, fresh, and original idea and do not listen to the negative comments.

Think of the good band’s name

You will need a good name which is short, simple, and easy to remember. It should be a good concept to represent your band. You need to keep in mind that short is sweet and people will easier to remember if your band has a one or two words for the name.

Keep simple music

You have a cool band name and philosophy; now, you need to make good music. There are a bunch of heavy metal band with complicated music but people will prefer something simpler and makes them feel it. The secret is to keep the music variable but simple. A cool name could be Holster HQ.

Gather the member skills

Creating a band is not just a matter of putting a bunch of people who can play music well. it requires other skills to make the band successful such as a good language skills for at least three as a preparation for world tour, communication skills for promotional, internet and programming skills for gigs book and online promotion, organizations skills, graphics and sound skills for the finishing touch, and also less addiction to cigarette or alcohol because you need a good health for a long-term succeeds. In other words, your band members should be multi-talented people.

Book gigs

You can choose one person who responsible to book gigs. Make sure to check the entire member schedule so that everyone can play for the gig without sudden cancellation. Also, it is better to book gigs outside the country for a fast fame, so, get out from the comfort zone.

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